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Home Alon Blog

The holidays are nearly here, which means it’s soon time to indulge in one of the best parts of Christmas – the films. Here are 10 festive favourites for after dinner.

Home Alone (U)

It’s kind of hard to believe that this movie is 25 years old. It’s definitely secured its place as a timeless classic, that instantly puts you in the mood for Christmas, as well as providing loads of laughs (and cringes as the burglars ship some serious knocks).

Santa Clause Blog

The Santa Clause (U)

Always read the small print. After Tim Allen's character inadvertently causes the demise of Santa, he has to take over on a temp basis to make sure all the presents get delivered. But it turns out to be a more permanent position than he bargained for.

Wonderful Life Blog

It’s a Wonderful Life (U)

An oldie and most definitely a goodie. This movie has a big heart and a big message and is always a firm favourite over the holidays.

Muppets Blog

The Muppet Christmas Carol (U)

Catchy songs and colourful characters combine to lighten the mood of Dickens’s original dark tale, while keeping the original moral message intact.

Frozen Blog

Frozen (PG)

Speaking of catchy songs, if you’re not completely burned out by Frozen at this stage, then it’s definitely a safe film bet over the holidays. No, we won’t Let It Go.

Elf Blog

Elf (PG)

Poor old Buddy doesn’t fit in anywhere – too big to be an elf, too child-like to be an adult – until he gets everyone to believe in the magic of Christmas again.

Jingle Blog

Jingle all the Way (PG)

This film sees Arnie face his most tricky foes – other parents desperately scrambling to buy a Turbo-Man, the most sought-after Christmas toy. This film has proven to be ahead of its time, predicting the mayhem caused by the demand for Frozen dolls (maybe skip it if you’ve still got bad memories of that).

Gremlins Blog

Gremlins (12)

A delightfully dark and subversive Christmas movie, this is probably best for older kids. Sure, Gizmo is cute, but you’ve got to be careful not to get him wet or feed him after midnight…

Grinch Blog

The Grinch (PG)

Whether you watch the shorter 60s animated version – or the Jim Carrey one from a few years ago – Dr. Seuss’s tale always reinforces the resilience of Christmas cheer. Yes we meant that alliteration – we think he'd be proud!

Nightmare Blog

The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG)

Visually stunning, with a perfect combination of spookiness and festiveness. The story of Jack Skellington and his attempts to become the new Santa for Christmas Town is a perfect antidote if you’re overly full of festive cheer.

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