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If it’s raining outside, bring the sound of rain inside! Get your Scouts to create a cacophony with this week’s five-minute filler.

How to play

Split your Scouts up into four groups, then tell each group which rain sound they’ll be making, and how to make it.

For drizzle, get them to rub their hands together gently to make a whispery noise. The sound of light rain can be made by your Scouts brushing their palms together – as if they’re getting sand off them. To give the effect of heavy rain, your Scouts should clap their hands, and to make the sound of hail they can cup their hands and clap them on their thighs really fast.

Once everyone knows how to make their sound, it’s time for you to be the conductor. Start off with one group making drizzle, and get them to keep it going. Then get the other groups in turn to make the sounds of light rain, heavy rain and hail, building it up until everyone is making sound. Then stop it suddenly and go again.

Make it more difficult

If you have a small group, you could start off with one or two types of rain at first, until your Scouts get used to it. It could also be fun to change up the order of rain that you call out, as well as calling for silence and different types of rain really quickly so they have to adapt.

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