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Winter has definitely come, so we’ve found some cool camping equipment for your expeditions in the chilly temperatures for the next couple of months.

Toasty mug

A really simple but clever idea. This mug makes sure you get the most out of your hot drinks when camping. Warm up your hands while also warming your tummy!

Battery heated thermals

Whether it’s gloves or socks (or maybe both if you want to be extra toasty), heated thermals are a great way of keeping your extremities warm when the temperatures drop. Just make sure you bring spare batteries!


Can’t be bothered waiting for water to boil and then fiddling around trying to fill a hot water bottle? Simply wrap a beanbag completely in tinfoil and then put it in your campfire for a few minutes. Take it out and unwrap and you’ve got a waterless hot water bottle for your sleeping bag! You can also put it in your jacket during the day to keep warm on a hike.

Warm sleeping mat

When the ground is freezing cold, it’s crucial to insulate yourself from it as much as possible. In addition to being a bit more padded and comfortable, some winter ground mats even have heat reflective properties, to ensure you keep extra warm and cosy.

Bonus: Santa hats!

Santa Hat

OK, maybe not the ideal way to keep warm, but definitely a great way to stay festive! Get some hats that have bells on top and you’ll have an easy way of keeping track of each other on your hike!

What's your favourite piece of gear for keeping warm in winter? Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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