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Trustees Week 2015

It’s Trustees’ Week from the 2-8 November. We spoke to Jake Myatt, a Young Trustee at The Scout Association, to hear about the highlights of his role. 

What’s been your best moment as a Trustee so far?

My best moment so far has been being able to attend so many of the great events we hold to celebrate the success of our fantastic volunteers. Having been able to attend a function and sit and talk with our new Silver Wolf holders was an amazing experience, and getting to listen to all of the great work they have done over the past decades was truly memorable. 

What’s your top tip for anyone who wants to apply to become a Trustee?

Make sure you’re applying for the right reasons; think about why you want to do it and what you want to get out of the role. Also, when doing your application, get someone to have a look over it with you. They may point out some things that you are really good at that you wouldn’t necessarily point out yourself, and having a fresh set of eyes never hurts! 

Has anything surprised you about being a Trustee?

How much being a Trustee blends with my life; whether it’s learning new skills that I can apply in my day job or whether what I do in my day job and in other aspects of my life actually help me be a better Trustee. 

Why is it important to have diversity on the Committee, especially younger members?

Board diversity is important on any committee or board as it means that we are then better representatives of the members of our organisation this goes for any other charity out there. Having young Trustees means that we are able to more accurately identify the needs and wants of the young people that we are there to support. 

By having younger members, what has this brought to the table?

Younger Trustees bring a fresh insight into meetings, as we tend to look at things from a different point of view. As with any new Trustees, it brings a whole different set of skills to the table. As we are a youth charity, it means that we are closer to the age and possibly the views of the people we are there to support. 

Being a young Trustee/Committee Member has shaped my life more than I could have possibly imagined. When I was an Explorer back between 2006-2009 I was our ESU’s Treasurer, which led to me becoming more interested in finance. This, in part, influenced what I chose to study at university; Law with Accounting and Finance. This has led to me training to become an accountant, being the Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee. 

To find out more about the local Trustee roles on offer, click here.


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