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BF- World Toilet Day

Host a comedy night event in honour of World Toilet Day in association with Water Aid as part of your Scout Network Programme or A Million Hands.

Currently there are 2.3 billion people in the world who do not have access to a toilet. World Toilet Day takes place on November 19 and raises awareness of this problem, and the affect it has on the poorest communities that lack sustainable water and sanitation services. Without these services, one in three people are affected by the spread of diseases. By hosting a comedy night as an event for your District Scout Network, you’re helping to raise awareness of an issue affecting billions over the world.

So what is a Scout Network event? It’s a single activity that may take place at a given time. To help you put together your comedy night for World Toilet Day here are some activity ideas to pull off a memorable event.

Host a comedy night in!

You can host a night at your local meeting place or around a fellow Network Member’s house. In your group you can each take it in turns to be the comedian. Why not think about having a panel of judges and turning your event into an X Factor style night? For more help on putting on your comedy night check out this guide.

Keep your friends and guests entertained for longer with food and games (you can’t forget the essentials now can you?) It’s completely up to you what food you bring or cook, here are some fun toilet themed (nice) recipe ideas if you get stuck. For game ideas check out this helpful guide.  

There’s lots of fun to be had when putting on these nights as well as the chance to inform your community and District Scout Network about World Toilet Day. With the new digital platform launching soon, as a Scout Network member you can earn your A Million Hands Water Aid and Community Impact virtual badges!

Let us know how your comedy night goes by sharing your story on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Take part and follow the conversation by using #amillionHands #ItsNoJoke #NetworkReboot hashtags.

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