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This week we’re giving you several ideas on how to help your section achieve their Navigator Staged Activity Badge.

Staged Activity Badges can be used section-wide and earned alongside other activity badges. They are also great for allowing your young people to decide what stage of the badge they want to do, helping your section become more youth-shaped.


1. Map-learning activity

Activity: http://bit.ly/1ThqGGL

Turn navigation skills into a game by playing a treasure hunt version of Simon Says. This activity is great for indoor and outdoor play – you can increase the difficulty of the game by widening your playing area.

2. Build a photo town

Activity: http://bit.ly/1Rah4yv

Take your Beavers on a journey with a camera to capture signs and sights in their town. Turn the photos they take into a map. They will love this mini adventure and learning photography and mapping skills. Find out how your Beavers can earn their Photographer Activity Badge here.


 3. How to make a compass

Activity: http://bit.ly/1kWybb6

Demonstrate how compasses work to your Cubs, with this effortless activity that shows how to make two different types of compasses with materials that you can easily find in the home.

4. Grid reference activity

Activity: http://bit.ly/21jvv7K

Try this fun activity to teach your Cubs how to use grid references on a map. Once they’re comfortable with this picture, allow them to move on to a map of their local area. You can find the grid sheet here.


5. Find north without a compass

Acitivity: http://bit.ly/1ic8E9g

 Just in case your Scouts forget to pack a compass when on an expedition, this activity shows them three methods on how to find north and get their bearings right without one!

6. Potato mountain contour

Activity: http://bit.ly/1NfNlTf

Looking at the contours of a mountain on a map can be confusing. Take the mystery out of contours, by giving your Scouts this exercise of drawing contours on a potato. You can find examples of how to do this here.


7. Night time orienteering

Acitivity: http://bit.ly/1HrUAaj

Test your Explorer’s navigation skills and make a night of it by getting them out into the dark to play a tricky game of night time orienteering.  

8. Micro navigation

Acitivity: http://bit.ly/1ll32xE

Get your Explorers outside and practising bearings in small groups. This activity will help turn explorers from novices to pros when using a compass! You can find the alphabet micro navigation resource here.

The full list of Staged Activity Badges can be found here in the members resource area. 

Scout Network (Orienteering Virtual Badge)

 9. Take part in an orienteering fixture

The British Orienteering have numerous fixtures across the UK and throughout the year. To achieve the orienteering virtual badge, organise an event for Scout Network members to take part in a fixture. You can find the fixtures here.

10. Orienteering assault league

As a project why not put together an orienteering league using different variations of orienteering for example; mountain bike, foot, trail and ski. The game can be played over a long length of time!  

Has your Section achieved Staged Activity Badges? Let us know how they did by sharing your story on our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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