Activity | #BoredomBusters – Week 13

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The winter blues won’t stand a chance with this week’s #BoredomBusters

Craft: Make a yo-yo

A nice and simple homemade spin on the classic yo-yo. All your Scouts need are some old plastic lids and string, and they’ll be walking the dog in no time.

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Outdoor activity: Torch tag

Now that the evenings are dark, you’ve got the perfect setting for a game of torch tag. It works a lot like normal tag, though the kids need shine a light on other players instead of touching them to tag them.

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Indoor activity: Bottle bowling

Bowling is always good fun – with some empty plastic bottles and a few balls, you can set up some alleys and see who can bowl a strike.

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Food: Porridge

With the weather getting colder, what better way to warm up than with a hearty bowl of porridge. There’s such a variety of food you can add to it ­– from nuts and berries to chocolate chips and peanut butter – that it’ll keep you going all winter long and you’ll never get bored of it!

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