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Winter can often be a stressful time – worrying about Christmas arrangements, dealing with wet, cold, and miserable weather, public transport delays, and the increased risk of catching a cold all take their toll.

To help you come out the other side of winter smiling, we’ve put together a list of 10 things you can do to beat stress.


Probably the easiest and quickest thing you can do when you’re stressed is to take a few deep breaths. By focusing on your breathing you’ll take you mind off what’s bothering you, as well as calming your body down.

Go for a walk

If you’ve got a few minutes, getting outside into the fresh air can be a great stress reliever. Taking a quick walk uses up some excess nervous energy and helps you refocus.

Get organised

When you find yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed, a great approach is to write down a list of your problems. Just getting them down can help clear your head and you can then plot out solutions to tackle them.

Talk about it

If you’re feeling stressed it’s often good to be able to voice your frustrations to someone – a problem shared is a problem halved, as the saying goes!

Eat something good

From almonds to oranges, avocados to blueberries, there are loads of foods out there containing vitamins and minerals that have a stress-relieving effect.


Sometimes the best way to de-stress is to take your mind off things for a little while. With the internet always within reach, you can easily watch a cat video or find a funny image to put a smile back on your face.

Drink camomile tea

A nice hot cup of camomile tea can help you relax, and is particularly good if you’re stressed before bed and need to calm down and get to sleep.

Get some rest

Stress takes its toll on our bodies, so it’s important to try and get some rest to recharge. Sleep is obviously vital, but it can also help to try and chill out on the couch or a comfy chair at the end of the day and just zone out.

Light a candle

Aromatherapy is well known for its relaxing and soothing effects. There’s nothing like the smell of lavender or a nice candle to help you unwind and de-stress.

Pet an animal

Petting a cat or dog is always a really nice way to relax and de-stress. There’s something comforting about their fur! If you don’t have one, maybe go for a walk and you could encounter one!

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