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Need some new quick and easy activities? Here are 10 cool things you can do with your Scouts with just some paper (or card).

1. Airplanes

Always good fun and a good challenge – pair your Scouts up, give them some instructions, then let them loose making and decorating their planes. Once they’re all done, hold a competition to see whose can fly furthest.

2. Origami

Always good for keeping your Scouts creatively sharp. Pick a couple of shapes for them to have a go at – animals and plants are always a great call. As are dinosaurs!

Paper Blog Dino

3. Fans

Even though the weather’s getting colder, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of a breeze – particularly if your Scouts have been running around a lot. Show them how to make a cool and simple fan.


This is a nice activity for your Scouts. Simply cut some paper (or preferably card) into narrow strips – then see how creative and colourful your Scouts can make their bookmarks given the smaller space they have to work with.

5. Hat

Even though paper hats won’t keep your Scouts warm, making them should keep them occupied for a while!

Paper Blog Hat

6. Puppets

Having a puppet show in your Scout den could be great fun. Get your Scouts to make their puppets, then develop a story and characters to entertain everyone.

7. Lanterns

Always a fun object to make, Chinese lanterns can be brilliantly colourful and vibrant. A really nice way to brighten up the winter darkness!

Paper Blog Lanterns

8. Present wrapping

Although it may be slightly early to think about the holidays, there’s no harm in getting your Scouts practising their wrapping skills. Paper is the perfect, simple, and customisable way for them to wrap small gifts – and could come in handy if you’re thinking of doing Kris Kindle.

9. Decorations

From snowmen paper chains, to stars for the top of the tree, paper will give your Scouts loads of possibilities for seasonal decorations.

10. Holiday cards

It’s always nice to receive a handmade card around the holidays. Get your Scouts started on theirs and see where their creative talents take them.

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