Quick and easy Halloween costume ideas

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Halloween is fast approaching - here are some great last minute costume ideas to get you ready for the weekend ahead. 

Four days until Halloween…

You have five days to come up with a costume, here are some ideas to put your craft skills into action

1. Spider legs costume

Become someone’s worst fear with this creepy crawly spider costume.

2. Simple costumes found in the home

From a witch to Dracula, here are seven ideas for Halloween costumes.

Four hours until Halloween…

Take the hassle out of making a costume with these quick makes.

3. Easy printable skeleton costume

This is very easy to make, simply print the skeleton pieces, then stick them on to black clothing. Find the skeleton pieces here.

4. Learn how to use duct tape to create horns!

Duct tape is very easy to get a hold of, you probably have some lying around the house. A tutorial on how to use duct tape to make Maleficent horns can be found here.

Four minutes until Halloween…

You only have five minutes to get ready for a Halloween party, here are four ideas to get you out of the house on time.

5. Easy DIY devil horns

No time for a full on costume? These horns that can be found here will do.  

6. A mummy costume made out of bandages or tissue

Gather all the bandages and tissue you have in the house for this one!

7. Quick and simple printable masks

All you need is thick paper and some string to make a mask in no time!

8. Scary zombie face paint!

Use this tutorial to paint your Scouts' faces and turn them into zombies

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