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Urban Activity 2

There is plenty of adventure to be found in your own community; explore the great sites of your city or town with this adventurous group activity for Scouts and Explorers.

You wil need:

  • Digital camera.
  • Pens.
  • Paper (to make letter cards to leave at locations).
  • Pegs.
  • Orienteering set up and answer sheets.
  • Clipboard.

What to do:

1. To prepare, go around the local area taking photographs of the landmarks and places of interest from unusual angles.

2. Mark each location with a peg and a letter of the alphabet (made using the card).

3. Turn the images into an orienteering clue sheet by replacing the 'bearing to next peg' column with the photographs. Click here for the set-up sheet and here for the answer sheet.

4. Split the section into small groups and hand the answer sheets to each group with their starting letter and image. 

5. Their task is to orienteer the local area, find the places photographed (writing down the orienteering letter) and return to the meeting place with their answers.

Make it more difficult:

You could choose the letters to spell a word and get the competing groups to unscramble the letters to find the winning word. 

It’s worth looking at how you can incorporate the Navigator Staged Activity Badge into this activity.

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