Activity | Hold a flying contest!

Paper Aeroplanes

Get your Scouts to design and make a paper airplane and see how far it can fly! 

You will need: 

  • Paper.
  • A large open space.
  • Tape measure.
  • A hula hoop.
  • Paper plane instructions. You can download these from here

What to do: 

1. Mark a starting line on the ground for your Scouts to stand on and ask each of them to throw their planes in the same direction.

2. Use a tape measure to record the furthest distance thrown in metres and centimetres, measuring from the starting line to the point where the plane first touches down, not to the final resting place if it slides.

Other similar games to try: 

  • A ‘longest flight’ competition where the flights are times with a stopwatch.
  • An accuracy contest to see who can get closest to a target six metres away or through a hula hoop hanging on the ceiling.
  • Trick flying around a corner.
  • Stunt flying to see who can perform the most impressive piece of aerial acrobatics. 

Have your Scouts had a go at making paper aeroplanes? Post your pictures on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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