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When you find yourself with five extra minutes at the end of a meeting, or your Scouts finish an activity sooner than you'd anticipated, play this game of Alphabet to keep them busy!

How to play

Your young people are going to have a conversation where each sentence begins with the next letter of the alphabet. It's difficult at first but gets easier with practice, which is exactly when you introduce a new rule! Arrange your young people into a circle, and start them off. For example:

Leader: Anyone doing anything nice at the weekend? 

Person 1: Buying a dress for a party I have on Saturday. 

Person2: Can I come? 

Person3: Don't you need to finish that essay? 

Person 4: Essay? What essay is that? 

Person5: French essay?

People are knocked out when they hesitate for longer than five seconds before beginning their sentence, which has to make sense as part of the conversation. However, you can use sounds like 'mmmm' or 'uh-huh' to start your sentence, which makes things easier towards the end of the alphabet!

Make it more difficult

When your Scouts get better at these, mix things up by introducing a new rule! For example:

  • You have to skip a letter of the alphabet.
  • You have to have a conversation where the sentences start with the first letter of the name of the person standing to your left.
  • Start from the end of the alphabet and work backwards.
  • Once you've said your sentence, you choose who goes next (to stop people working out what their letter will be in advance).

Make sure you share your own ideas for activities to fill a spare five minutes on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Check out our previous five-minute filler here.


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