Activity | #BoredomBusters – Week 11

Boredom Buster Conker Small

The clocks are going back soon, so brighten up your Scouts’ evening with some #BoredomBusters

Craft: Exquisite corpse

Not quite as spooky as it sounds (though you could encourage some), this game has been popular for centuries. Get some paper and split your Scouts into groups, then see where their drawings take them.

Boredom Buster Drawing Small

Outdoor activity: Conkers

This is a good activity for adding a fun goal to nature walks. Take your Scouts out looking for chestnuts and help them pick the best ones for conkers. Then help them get ready to play!

Boredom Buster Conker Small

Indoor activity: Masking tape games

If it’s too cold and dark outside, keep the fun going indoors. There are loads of great ways you can use a simple roll of masking tape to bring activities like hopscotch and long jumps inside.

Boredom Buster Tape Small

Food: Winter warmer huevos rancheros

To finish off, here’s a hearty, warming dish to help you battle the colder weather. There’s no breakfast like huevos rancheros to heat you up for the day ahead.

Boredom Buster Huevos Small

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