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Feature - 10 Mobile Apps To Use On Your Every Day Adventures

It's 10 years to the day since the iPhone was unveiled! Take a look at our favourite apps for those everyday adventures...

Identification Apps

Star Walk

Hold the sky in your hands with this interactive astronomy guide. Star Walk uses real-time and augmented reality to help you explore 200,000 stars, planets, satellites, and constellations. With the huge amount of information to marvel over about each of the celestial bodies accessible to you, you’ll never run out of things to talk about on your next night hike. 

Download the app here.


Instantly become a bird detective by using Warblr, a birdsong recognition app. Use it to wonder through the forests, parks and streets and listen out for their unique sounds. Warblr will then match the sound to a bird, helping you to learn more about them.

Download the app here. 


Turn your cloud gazing up a notch and use Coton to identify clouds and predict the weather. Now the next time you’re lying on your back looking up at the sky, not only will you spot something that looks like a pig, a house or a fork – you’ll know exactly what type of clouds they are!

Download the app here

Fun games to play

Zombies, run!

Put a bit of excitement into your run and hit the road by playing the Zombies, Run! game. This game immerses you in a zombie adventure where the only way you can survive is to walk, jog or run.

Download the app here

The Walk

Lace up your walking boots and challenge yourself to walk through this thrilling 500 mile story and game. The aim of the game is to save the world from an attack, and the only way for you to stay alive is to walk!   

Download the app here

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Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt and you can be part of it… but first, to get started, download this app, grab your friends and head out to find the hidden geocaches around the UK!

Download the app here

Essential Apps

Map My Hike

Whether you’re hiking over peaks, trekking through the woods or walking on the roadside, use Map My Hike to track your activity (duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation and your route).

Download the app here

Knot Guide

Every Scout should know their knots right? But not every knot is easily remembered. The Knot Guide app will assist you with learning and doing 95 different every day knots.

Download the app here

St John Ambulance First Aid

Have expert first aid advice at your fingertips for those emergencies you didn’t see coming. This free app shares important information on how to handle first aid scenarios.     

Download the app here

OS Locate

You can use the OS Locate app alongside your Ordnance Survey map. Included in the app is a digital compass, perfect for adventures on the go. Share your adventure by with your social network and family and friends with its  built-in social sharing functions.

Download the app here.

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