Activity| Photography 101 for Cubs

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Your Cubs can now earn their Photographer Activity Badge using these fun activities below!

As part of the Programme refresh, the Cubs Photographer Activity Badge has been reinstated! We’ve curated a list of fun and simple activities on Pinterest that will turn your snap happy Cubs into professional photographers in no time at all.


1. The ABC’s of photography 

Show your Cubs the basics of photography with these helpful tutorials.

Activity 1 

2. 11 photography projects kids can do

Use these great ideas to inspire your Cubs to take fantastic photos.

Activity 2 

3. Create a bokeh filter

Get creative with your photographs by adding your own filter to the lens made with card.

Activity 3 

4. DIY photography gifts

Your Cubs will love making these gifts for family and friends.

Activity 4 

5. Make a stop motion animation 

Bring your photographs alive by using stop motion animation apps.

Activity 5

Your Cubs might also like creating their own kite or rocket for their Air Staged Activity Badge! Both activities can be found here

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