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You’re off for an adventure, but can your Scouts choose the right equipment for their bag?


Time needed: 15-20 minutes

Equipment needed:

  • Four rucksacks and four types of gear for these activities: night hiking; rafting; summer camp; den building.

Note: Try not to include items that can be used in two activities. You could also include some red herrings that aren’t suitable for any of the activities.

What to do

1. Divide your Scouts into four groups with the same number of people in each.

2. Give each group a bag and ask them to open it ready for packing.

3. Write down each of the four activities on a piece of paper – get each group to pick a piece of paper and keep it secret from the other groups. Don’t tell them what the list of activities are.

4. Each group gets a turn to pick an item and place it in their bag in order – however, if at any stage they think there are no more things to choose for their activity they can stop.

5. Once all the items have been used up choose the first group and get them to empty their bag. 

6. Get the other groups to try and guess which activity the group has been given.

7. When everyone has guessed, get the nominated team to announce their chosen activity. They then have to go through their choices item by item explaining what they chose and why – at this point you should say there are an equal amount of items per activity and a number of red herrings.

8. Ask the other groups how they thought that team did and if they agree with everything that was chosen. Then go through the full list of what they should and shouldn’t have in there – including anything that might be in another bag.

9. Do this for all the groups and then get the groups to collect the right set of equipment for the activity.

What next?

Do the same activity but simply place all the kit in the centre of the room with four bags around the outside. In groups of four the teams must go through the equipment and work out what activities are represented.

Each group should then take turns to choose the relevant equipment for their bag.

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