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Have lots of new members recently joined your section? We've come up with a great list of activities to help you break the ice!

Beaver/Cub bingo 

Suitable for: Beavers and Cubs

Takes: 10-15 minutes

You will need: pens, a ‘bingo card’ 

The bingo card is a photocopied piece of paper divided into squares filled with different statements such as ‘I hate onions’ and ‘I love burgers’ and ‘I have a dog’ etc. Hand them out with pens and ask the players fill them in before going around asking each different player if they agree with the statements. When they get a ‘Yes’ they can cross out the statement, and the winner is the first person to fill out their card. 

Form a line 

Suitable for: Beavers and Cubs

Takes: 10-15 minutes 

First, tell the section that they have to line up from left to right in height order. When they are lined up, tell them to remember their spot. Then tell them to line up in order of age, birthday, alphabetically and so on. When this is all done, give them a quick fire round where you shout ‘Line up in order of…’ and see how quickly they can organise themselves. 

A cold wind blows 

Suitable for: Cubs and Beavers

Takes: 5-10 minutes

You will need: chairs (one less than the size of the group you’re playing with) 

Create a circle of chairs and choose one player to be ‘It’ while the rest sit down. ‘It’ then has to call out a sentence such as ‘A cold wind blows for anyone with brown hair’. All the members of the section with brown hair then have to find another chair, including ‘It’. The next ‘It’ is the player who cannot find a chair.

I’m going camping 

Suitable for: Cubs, Scouts and Explorers

Takes: 15-20 minutes 

Sit the whole section in a circle and choose someone to start. They need to say: ‘I’m going on a camping trip and I’m taking “X”’. ‘X’ has to be an item that conforms to a secret rule they’ve made, for example: things that begin with the letter A or things which rhyme. The player starts to list other things they’re taking, which conform to the same rule. When another player thinks they know what the rule is, they can put up their hand and say ‘I’m going on a camping trip and I’m taking “Y”’. If they get it right, the other player will say ‘yes, you can take that’, and both players will continue to list things until the others join in. If someone tries to join in but gets it wrong, the original player will say ‘no, you can’t take that’. 


Suitable for: Cubs and Scouts

Takes: 5-15 minutes

You will need: a chair and a tennis ball 

Form the section into two lines facing one another, holding hands. At one end of the line is a chair with a tennis ball on it: you stand at the other end. Get everyone in the section to close their eyes, apart from the two players nearest to you, and flip a coin. Whenever it comes up heads, the players have to squeeze the hand of the next person. This chain continues until the hand of the player at the end is squeezed. That player grabs the ball. Every ball picked up correctly (when the coin lands on heads) scores a point; any ball picked up incorrectly loses a point.

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