Activity | #BoredomBusters - Week 10

Boredom Week 10

If you’re running low on last-minute activity ideas and inspiration, fear not! Here are this week’s #BoredomBusters to get those creative juices flowing...


1.    Craft: Make a candle out of an orange

For a glowing and beautifully zesty smelling room.

Orange Candle

2.    Outdoor Activity: Mix mud paint

It's like normal painting but 10 times more fun.


 3.    Indoor activity: Become a Photoshop pro

Use these great ideas to totally transform your snaps. 


 4.    Food: Bake gooey chocolate fudge brownies

The perfect excuse to stay in and snuggle up for an evening.

Brownie 3


For more great ideas take a look at our Pinterest boards.

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