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The 23rd World Scout Jamboree has been taking place in Japan and we’ve been reading about some incredible experiences from some of the Scouts taking part. We’ve rounded up some of the best news stories and social media coverage from the UK Contingent. 

Yeovil Scouts 

Scouts from Yeovil have talked about the poignant visit they paid to Hiroshima as part of the Jamboree, to mark the 70th anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on the city. Alex Merrett, 18, said: ‘It shows just how innocent lives are affected every day by the actions of other people’. You can read about the rest of the activities Yeovil’s Scouts have been up to, here

Oxford Scouts 

36 Scouts from Oxfordshire have joined the World Jamboree, and were looking forward to it for some time beforehand! 14-year-old Morgan Lyes couldn’t wait: ‘The people I am going with have become my closest friends,’ he said before departure, ‘and I can’t wait to make friends with Scouts from all over the world.’ You can find out more about the Oxfordshire cohort, here

Suffolk Scouts 

16-year-old Kallum, from Melton, Suffolk, has been a busy bee out in Japan. ‘There’s been so much to do and look forward to,’ he said. ‘I’ve only been here a few days so far, but wherever you walk no-one ignores you, everyone says hello.’ Hear more from Kallum, here

Essex Scouts 

Scouts from Epping Forest have been having a great time in Japan. 36 Scouts attended from Essex, including 15-year-old Laura Barritt. She said: ‘It is amazing how friendly people are, and I am surprised by just how comfortable it is to speak to all these people I have never met.’ You can read the rest of Laura’s thoughts here

Cheshire Scouts 

Scouts from Cheshire particularly enjoyed the Jamboree’s opening ceremony. Cathan Rummey, 16, said: ‘The opening Ceremony was amazing. Seeing all the flags united made me feel that Scouting could change the world.’ You can find out more about their experiences here

Bear Grylls 

While Chief Scout Bear Grylls wasn’t able to make it to Japan himself, he has been eagerly watching for updates of the UK contingent. ‘The World Scout Jamboree is a great example of this. Nearly 4,000 Scouts from across the UK are meeting 26,000 others from around the world and taking part in some amazing adventures,’ he said. ‘That is why I love Scouting so much!’ 

UK Chief Commissioner 

UK Chief Commissioner, Wayne Bulpitt, has been in Japan meeting Scouts from all over the world and having a great time.  ‘The past 10 days combining visits to events large and small, and the chance to interact with so many people, reaffirms just what an amazing organisation we are, and what a privilege it is to be able to represent it and meet so many wonderful people,’ said Wayne. You can find out more about Wayne’s time in Japan here

We know there may be stories we’ve missed, so make sure you tell us your own! Comment on our Facebook and Twitter pages and we’ll make sure we add them to our round-up.

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