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Summer Of Adventure TW Manifesto4

It’s the Summer of Adventure and Bear’s putting an end to boredom! This week’s challenge? Get fit, get healthy and get active, but don’t worry – if you’re a volunteer at Scouts you’re probably doing it already! Take a look at the ways you can stay fit whilst volunteering… 

1. Pursuing a Pack of Cubs immediately after snack time.

Snack Gif

2. Taking part in the last minute pre-camp supermarket sweep when you realise that someone’s forgotten the marshmallows.

Supermarket Sweep

3. Corralling a Colony of Beavers into their rooms on their first residential camp.


4. Wrestling a sleeping bag back into a bag which could not possibly have been expected to fit it in the first place.

Sleeping Bag

5. Allowing a Troop of Scouts to be in charge of the map on their first hill-walking expedition.

Hill Walking

6. Chasing after the one carrier bag which manages to get blown across the campsite on an otherwise perfectly still day.

Carrier Bag

7. Grabbing the nearest bag only to discover that it was packed by a Network member who’s never heard of ‘packing light’.

Heavy Bag

8. Hopping frantically around your tent when your bare foot unfortunately makes direct contact with a tent peg.

Hopping Tent

9. Trying to keep up with a group of Explorers who know there’s food at their destination.

Run For Food

10. Shoving as many loads of laundry into the machine on your return from camp before you head straight off to the next one! 


Make sure you keep up with the other challenges from Bear’s Kids’ Manifesto this summer! Check out week one here, and week two here.

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