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We’re working our way through Bear Grylls’ Kids’ Manifesto and bringing boredom to an end! This week, it’s time to get building! We’ve taken a look at how to build some of the key things you’re bound to need on your next camping trip. If you get started now, they’ll be ready in no time!

1. Somewhere to sleep 

Pretty essential on any camping trip, this recycled tent is made out of the old, holey tents you’ve got lying around in the garage or have picked up at a car boot sale this summer! 

Recycled Tent

2. Somewhere to relax 

Because you’ve got to be able to star-gaze! Try out this surprisingly comfy-looking duct-tape hammock, settle back and enjoy the view. 


3. Somewhere to sit    

Make sure you’ve got somewhere to relax while you’re cooking up a storm (see build number four) with these plastic crate seats – much more comfy than the ground but really lightweight and easy to put together. 

Crate Seats

4. Somewhere to eat 

Take your campfire cooking skills to the next level with this sturdy barbecue tripod. It’s got a bit more to it than simply using branches, but is quick to assemble and really portable. 

Barbecue Tripod

5. Somewhere to wash 

However seasoned a camper you may be, there will come a time when you’ve got to hit the showers (we hope). Try making your own out of a disposable watering can and hope that the sun stays warm enough! 

Camping Shower

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