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Five reasons young people should take the lead... 

There are hundreds of activity permits Explorers and Young Leaders can gain in order to lead their own adventures, giving them all kinds of skills and experiences. 18-year-old Section Assistant Ferghal gives his top five reasons why his dinghy restrictive permit is great to have! 

1. Having a permit promotes you to being the leader of the pack!

Whenever I have mentioned that I have a permit, straight away the leaders know that I am competent enough to be at the helm of one of the dinghies. They also know that they don't need to put a leader on the boat to supervise or to teach those who have less sailing experience. It’s awesome being at the top!

2. Having a permit means you’re somebody young people can look up to!

It feels great to know that you are teaching them something new or helping to advance their skills. The permit has allowed me to take up a teaching role within the Scout Group and be relied upon to teach various sections in the Group, from Beaver Scouts to Explorers and even adult members.

3. Having a permit looks fantastic on your CV!

By mentioning my experience working with Scouts in my CV I was able to get a job in a school, after finishing my A-levels, due to the developed leadership qualities and risk awareness that is involved.

4. Having a permit helps to fine tune your skills!

Because of my sailing permit, I was asked if I wanted to go on a leader training weekend on the vessel HMS Bristol to gain my Power Boat level 2. Of course I said yes as it was an opportunity to gain a qualification that will allow me to progress and gain a sailing instructor qualification.

5. Having a permit open doors for more opportunities! 

Having a permit has helped to develop my transferable skills such as communication, leadership and risk assessment. I always get asked by other sections of the Group to help with their water activities. This is all because I have gained lots of experience as a direct result of having a permit. 

I urge anyone who is passionate about their activity to be assessed for a permit as it will offer you many opportunities and more time to develop your own skills too. Find out how to gain a permit.

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