Blog | Gilwell 24 - the ultimate endurance test!


24 hours, 50 activities and 4,000 participants descending on Gilwell Park can only mean one thing - Gilwell 24!

Gilwell 24 took place for the 12th year this weekend, when thousands of Explorer Scouts and Senior Section Guides descended on Gilwell Park for an intense 24 hours, designed to test their endurance!

Sleepless nights

The aim? To survive staying awake for 24 hours while taking part in a wide variety of activities. The activities ranged from the adrenaline pushing Bag Drop to traditional Scout skills.

‘The 24 hours takes it out of you, but there is enough to keep you going,’ said Harvey, 14, from 26th Blaby, Leicestershire. ‘The endurance factor is the attraction!’

Fun in the sun

With the sun out, it was the water based activities that proved to be most popular. ‘Waterslide was our favourite,’ said Verity and Thomas from 177th Tame Valley, Birmingham. ‘The splash at the end! We ended up having a mini tournament and racing each other down it!’

With the World Scout Jamboree in Japan just around the corner, several Groups made the journey as a final pre-Jamboree experience. UB41 WSJ Unit enjoyed taking part, while Unit 75 BeKeHaBU worked hard to survive the full 24 hours. Unit member Ben Simpson was victorious: ‘I made the 24 hours. I had no sleep. We are going to the World Jamboree in two weeks’ time, so it’s been a nice acclimatisation.’

Up for round two?

Are any of the survivors up for next year? It seems so! Will McBryde-Wilding, of 26th Blaby ESU, Leicestershire, said: ‘I want to keep coming back because there is so much to do and everyone is so friendly – it’s like one big family.’

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