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Dementia Assault Course

Through our Community Impact project, A Million Hands, Scouts will be improving the lives of those with dementia. Use this assault course to explore how dementia can affect someone and what we can do to help someone with dementia to continue living well.

You will need

  • Boxes, chairs, ropes and poles (if you’re doing this activity indoors).
  • Poles, planks, boxes, ropes and netting (if you’re doing this activity outdoors).
  • A mix of coins up to the value of £2.
  • Pens and paper.

What to do

  1. Ask your Group to help you set up a basic assault course, placing the coins at various points.
  2. Split your Group into five teams (A-E) and ask each team to write out a list of instructions for the course, numbering each step. Remind them to include picking up the coins in the instructions.
  3. Get the teams to swap instructions with each other, and ask group A to complete the assault course, exactly following the instructions. See how far they get, and make sure groups B-E are watching.
  4. Tell group B that the person doing the activity cannot ask any questions and the rest of the Group can instruct, but they are not allowed to watch the person doing the activity.
  5. Give out a blindfold to a volunteer in group C, and ask a team to direct them through the assault course.
  6. Ask group D to follow the instructions they’ve been given, but out of order – for example, 1,3,5,7,6,2.
  7. Ask group E to follow the instructions using only one hand/leg, or with their legs tied together.

You can talk to your group about the challenges someone with dementia might face, and how young people might be able to help them. Ask them how people might feel about getting things wrong, and how they can help in that situation. Think about what other tasks might become hard for someone with dementia, and how they can provide help in those situations, too.

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