10 things to do before leaving Explorers

12 Things To Do [1]

Explorer Scout Matthew shares his top-must-do activities before turning 18.

1. Attend a World Scout Jamboree

This is the biggest gathering of Scouts in the world! The next one will be held in the USA, West Virginia 2019. You have to be aged between 14-17 to attend and if you don’t fit the age restrictions, why not go to a UK Scout jamboree, they are amazing as well.

2. Climb a mountain

The bigger the better because the satisfaction you get at the top is second to none. Plus the view will be an awesome backdrop for all of your selfies.

3. Take part in fundraising

Do this to raise money either for your next camp or for charity. I once sold Krispy Kremes (and then ate the leftovers). Why not try skydiving? It will probably be more fun.

4. Go on a survival camp

Set up your own shelters, bring water, staple foods and survive completely without outside help.

Hint: Learn some backwood cooking skills before you head off. Also, don’t be the person who spends all the time on their phone. Nobody likes an anti-social camper.

5. Invent a new Scouting classic recipe

You can do this around a campfire with whatever you can lay your hands on. I once grabbed some Nutella, added biscuit crumbs to it and heated it over an open fire on a giant wooden serving spoon until the Nutella was melted. It was amazing. Check out some recipies here.

Hint: Your Explorer Unit will be very impressed if you can convince them that it’s an original Baden-Powell recipe that he came up with!

6. Start a mini rave at a jamboree!

All you need is mini portable speakers and a giant muddy field. Some of the best memories of my life have taken place at spontaenous mini jamboree raves.

7. Play Human Hungry Hippos

At some point in your life, you have to play this game.

8. Have a competition with other Units or sections

You can keep the competition simple with five-a-side football, or go all-out with a Scouting Olympic games, complete with an opening ceremony in which you’ve asked a Beaver Colonoy to do a Morris Dance!

9. Go kayaking

The instructor will tell you it’s unsafe to have a joust with the paddles. He’s probably right, but it’s still fun.

10. Follow the UK Scouts on Twitter and Facebook.

Not quite as adventurous as some of the other entries but equally rewarding. Keep up-to-date with all latest Scouting entertaiment on Twitter and Facebook

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