Fun activities to do with a football

Football Feature 3

Football season might be over, but we’ve come up with some activities to get your Scouts skilled up and ready for the season ahead.

Activity 1: Zorb Football

You will need: 

8 zorb balls

1 football 

2 goal posts 



How to play:

  • Mark out two goals at opposite ends of the pitch.
  • Appoint four people to be 'the blockers'. Their job is to knock over the football players, while wearing the zorb ball, making it hard for them to score a goal.
  • Appoint a referee! The referee's role is to make sure the players are playing fairly and to help the football players get back on their feet once they have been knocked over. If a blocker persistently pursues a football player, the referee can send them off for unfair play.
  • Split the Group into two teams of 4-6 football players.
  • Each round of zorb football needs two players from each team to play against each other wearing the zorb ball.
  • Scoring a goal equals to one hundred points, but every time a player is knocked down while they have the ball, fifty points will be taken away.
  • A round lasts for 5 minutes. The winning team is the team with the most points after all rounds have finished.


To make the game easier:

  • Remove two of the blockers
  • Extend the time of play to 10 minutes
  • Appoint another referee

Remember to read our Zorbing resource on how to stay safe when using zorb balls in an activity.

Football Feature 1


Activity 2: 4 x 100 football relay

What you need:

4 footballs 40 space markers


How to play:

  • Mark out four 400m lanes either in a straight line or in circular shape (like what you would seen in an athletic stadium).
  • Line each lane with evenly spaced markers.
  • Split the Group into four teams each with four runners.
  • From the start line to the finish line, space the runners 100 meters away from each other.
  • Each team has a football and once the whistle is blown the runner at the start line has to run as quickly as possible kicking the football around the markers until they reach the second runner.
  • Once they have reached the second runner, the first runner needs to pick up the football and throw it to them. They then continue to run with the football, kicking it around the markers until they reach the third runner.
  • The winning team is the one who manages to get the ball to the finish line the quickest.
  • A team can be disqualified if they don’t kick the football around all of the cones, if they kick the ball into another lane and if they don’t throw the ball to the next runner.


To make the game easier:

  • Remove the cones so that the runners only has to kick the ball in a straight line.
  • Allow runners to kick the ball to each other instead of throwing.

Both of these activities can be incorporated in the Programme to help Beavers achieve their Sports Activity Badge and Cubs achieve their Athletics Activity Badge.


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