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No Bullying

We know you’ve all got plenty of ideas to improve your community; you shared some of the things that bug you, and some of the ways you’re already making changes…



 Community V3


'I want the place where I live to be a proper community again. I want people to smile, say hello and get to know each other. Then I’d live in a community, rather than just another place…’
- Larraine


No Bullying V3

‘I’d put an end to all bullying. It’s heartbreaking to see what children have to go through when they should be enjoying their childhood. If every adult would stand up to bullying, we could show them what is and isn’t acceptable and the children could learn for themselves.’
- Sarah 


Shop V3

‘I’d like to bring back the local business that provided so many local families with jobs, gave support to local groups like Scouts by providing money and transport assistance and help with fundraising.’ - Dawn


Trees V3


‘I’d make it my mission to plant more trees! Our town can sometimes look a bit grey – I’d love the kids to have trees to climb, and to have somewhere green to walk the dogs and spend the summers gardening.’ - Janet


Rami Ukscouting Girl V3

‘I would stop people stereotyping! People give me wary looks when I walk down the road sometimes, just because I happen to be a teenager who walks with a lot of confidence. If they looked in my bag they’d find revision guides and, quite often, ice cream!’ - Natasha


Youth V3

‘There needs to be more for our young people to do and more places for them to go! Personally, I’d like us to have the resources to redo our Scout hut. Let’s continue to grow Scouting – it’s such a beacon in our communities for so many.’ - Alison


Mental Health V3

‘I’d like to see more local support for those with mental health issues. Whether it’s physical support and activities or a heightened level of awareness and understanding through educating the community, we need to see some change.’ - Adam



‘The streets need to be kept cleaner. Dog mess in particular is becoming a real problem where I live. If everyone worked together and made a bit of an effort, there’s no reason we couldn’t keep the streets clean.’ - Paul


Recycling V3 

‘Recycle, recycle, recycle! I’d like to make it easier for people to recycle the things they no longer need. We need more charity shops, more recycling banks and clearer rules for people who’d like to recycle their rubbish.’ - Bud


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