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If you find yourself stuck inside to avoid getting drenched, try these brilliant activities that will get your Scouts thinking about the world outside.

1. Grow your own garden

BF_Things To Do On A Rainy Day WK 3

Your Scouts will love putting their green fingers to good use by making a miniature terrarium in a jar. They are simple to make and perfect for decorating your meeting place; you just need some soil, small rocks and plants to get started, which you can find at your local garden centre or market.

Help your Beavers earn their Gardener Activity Badge! Use this activity to teach them what plants need in order to grow. 

Making a terrarium is a fantastic way to introduce the Naturalist Activity Badge for Cubs.

2. Make your own solar system

BI_Things To Do On A Rainy Day WK 3

Why not plan an astronomy night and bring the planets to your HQ with this solar system craft. This activity instructs you to paint doorknobs and turn them into planets, but if you don’t have doorknobs to hand, use modelling clay, which is easy to get a hold of. Trigger your Scouts' creative juices by providing an assortment of glittery and glow-in-the-dark paints.  

This activity is a great way to lead your Cubs into doing their Astronomer Activity Badge.

For older sections, use this activity to inspire them to achieve a Scout Craft Activity Badge or option five in the Explorer Science and Technology Activity Badge.

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