Activity | Five-minute fillers week 8


No matter how prepared you are, when activities finish earlier than anticipated it can leave you wondering what to do with those spare five minutes. If you’re stuck for ideas, have a go of Keeper of the keys.

Keeper of the keys: 

  • place a solitary chair at one end of the hall/room
  • ask a volunteer to sit on the chair, then blindfold them and give them a rolled up newspaper
  • place a set of keys underneath their chair
  • inform the volunteer that they are the keeper of the keys and must protect them
  • inform all other players to line up side by side at the other end of the hall/room
  • all non blindfolded players must move silently towards the keeper and the keys with the aim of removing the keys from underneath the chair
  • players can move as fast or slow as they like
  • if the keeper hears someone near their chair they must try to tap that person with their rolled up newspaper
  • if a player is tapped by the newpaper they must return to the other end of the hall/room and wait for 10 seconds before starting again
  • whoever manages to get hold of the keys wins and becomes the next keeper of the keys


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Photo: Brenda Clarke

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