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Tent Test

As part of our A Million Hands campaign, we’re pledging to improve the lives of those disabled by society. Try this race to see which of your Scouts can put up a tent the fastest whilst blindfolded and give your young people an insight into how sight loss affects independence and inclusion.

You will need:

  • Blindfolds.
  • Tents.
  • A stopwatch.

What to do:

1. Split the Group into smaller teams of around 4-5 people.

2. Give each team a tent to put up from scratch.

3. The challenge is for the team to try and put up their tent while they are blindfolded.

4. Before the ‘race’ begins, give the Group some time to familiarise themselves with how to put the tent up before they put on their blindfolds. They should also use this time to come up with a plan as to what tactics they will employ to complete the task as quickly and effectively as possible.

5. The winning team will be the one that can put up their tent as quickly and accurately as possibly.

You can discuss the task with your Scouts once they’ve finished. Talk about how hard they found it, the tactics they used to overcome their inability to see and what they would do differently if they had to repeat the challenge. 

Over 95% of young people in Scouts think that improving the lives of others is an important part of Scouting. Sign up to the A Million Hands campaign here.


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