Nine reasons you should become a Youth Trustee


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Considering becoming a Youth Trustee? Here are nine great reasons you should go for it...

1. It will add a sparkle to your CV! Becoming a trustee means you’ll gain responsibility, transferable skills and the confidence to speak up in any situation. 

2. Your voice will be heard. You’ll take part in discussions on key issues in Scouting and help to shape the experience for other young people. 

3. You’ll meet interesting people from alll over the country. Always handy when you're road tripping and need a place to stay.            

Over The Uk                                           

4. You can talk about the issues that really matter to you. There are five different sub-committees you can sit on, including nominations, finance, risk, operations and staffing, salary and remuneration. You’ll sit on the committee which best reflects your interests and expertise.

5. You can network! You'll meet people who may want to work with you in future. Tea breaks are networking heaven.

6. You’ll have loads of responsibility. You'll have such an influence on the Movement and will find a huge number of doors opened to you in your role as Trustee.

7. You’ll become a pro at public speaking. So many people freeze at the idea of speaking in public, but as a trustee it will become second nature to you.

Public Speaking Eym

8. Trustee = VIP.  As a youth trustee you can attend National Scouting Special Events as a VIP. This could be the Windsor Parade or the National Scout Thanksgiving Service. We’ll also throw in a special lunch where you have the chance to speak with the award holders themselves!

9. Free food. You’ll enjoy delicious lunches each time you attend a meeting. 


If you’ve got what it takes (and we’re sure you do), find out more and apply here.

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