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UK Youth Commissioner, Hannah Kentish talks about the different ways young people and volunteers can work together to help make youth-shaped Scouting happen  

Youth-shaped Scouting in partnership with adults by the very nature of it requires great teamwork.

To make this work we need our adult volunteers to be willing to offer their support and mentorship to young people. We also need them to let go of some of the responsibilities which they currently hold and allow young people to be held accountable for these responsibilities. This ensures we are working together in partnership. We need you, with your wealth of experience to allow young people the room to make mistakes and to learn from them. After all, mistakes are never a bad thing they simply help us grow.

On the other hand, young people across the Movement need to have the courage to ensure their voices are being heard and we also need to accept and value the ideas and experiences of the adult leaders around us. After all, they will have lots of life experiences both in and out of Scouting that we can learn a great deal from. I know that without the support I get from UK Chief Commissioner Wayne Bulpitt and many other previous mentors and supporters that I have had in Scouting, I wouldn’t be the volunteer that I am today.

As a result of the consultation and work with young people we, which you can find in the YouShape Report the UK Youth Commissioner team are going to:

  • provide support and guidance for District and County Youth Commissioners to be appointed
  • provide support and guidance to Districts and Counties to set up youth forums
  • organise the next YouShape UK Scout Youth Council event
  • create a wider strategy

Watch this video of me explaning objective one 

What you can do

  • We encourage you to implement Local Youth Commissioners in your Districts and Counties with the proper support to help them
  • Use the support we offer you to either strengthen your local youth forums where needed, or to implement youth forums where they currently do not exist
  • Ensure as many young people as possible in your County/Area/Region know about YouShape2016
  • Keep encouraging section based youth-shaped Scouting

To find out more about the Local Youth Commissioner role visit: https://members.scouts.org.uk/localyouthcommissioner

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