Top 10 off the beaten track adventures

 David Gross

Looking for somewhere new and exciting to explore? Whether you're a volunteer planning a much-needed break, a Scout Network member planning an adventurous gap year, or you're just looking for somewhere to add to the bucket list, get planning a trip to these top ten travel destinations before everyone else catches on...

1. The Outback, Australia
Avoid the tourist buzz of the east and opt for the much more adventurous, wilder experience of the West Coast. Road trip along the dusty red roads to see crocodiles, kangaroos, koalas, snakes and huge spiders. You can trek through huge beautiful gorges, swim with whale sharks and camp under the vast, exceptionally starry skies.

Best for camping under the stars and an off-road challenge.

 Aus David Gross

2. Ratanakiri, Cambodia
Ratanakiri offers a real escape from tourists in Phnom Penh. It can be quite a challenge to get to, but if you brave the long bus journey you’ll be rewarded with wooden hut housing, traditional ceremonies, untouched lakes, local crafts, wild jungle areas and some of the best coffee the world has to offer.

Best for a taste of the real Cambodia.


3. The Tanintharyi Division, Myanmar
This one’s off the beaten track for obvious reasons- it has only recently become accessible to tourists. The untouched coastline around Dawei is really quiet and only frequented by fishermen, so great if you’re searching for a quiet place to reflect. 

Best for somewhere that not many people have visited yet.


4. Ninh Binh, Vietnam
If you're looking for a complete change of scenery head over to Vietnam, hire a motorbike and ride through the carpet of paddy fields, through winding roads and to Ninh Binh for an incredibly scenic and peaceful boat ride with the locals.

Best for a relaxing boat ride and gorgeous green views.

 Ninh Binh

5. Petra, Jordan
This is a sight to behold. Grab a hat and stock up on water as you'll want a good whiile to exlore this ancient city carved out of rose-coloured stone.

Best for pretending you're in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


6. Namibia
There is so much adventure to be had in Namibia. Visit for wildlife, the stunning Fish River Canyon, red sand dunes, and nature at its finest.

Best for natural beauty and endless horizons. 


7. Playa Pilar, Cuba
There are only a few transport links to get you to this sandy paradise, but once you’re there you’ll be rewarded with fine sand and utter tranquility.

Best for a good old beach break.

 Playa Cuba

8. Mabul Borneo
If you’re a fan of scuba diving this place is a must visit. This tiny little island off mainland Borneo is surrounded by the most beautiful water teeming with giant sea turtles and reef sharks.

Best for incredible sealife.

Mabul Borneo

9. Xisha Islands
Found in the South China Sea, this isolated island is home to some of the world’s rarest birds. Bird lovers, we know which off the beaten track destination you’ll be flocking to.

Best for bird watching.


10. Lake Komani, Albania
Take a trip across the massive man-made lake, through the steep mountains and be comforted with the fact that there will hardly be a person in sight (bar those of you in the boat of course).

Best for isolation.


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