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We’ve rounded up some of our favourite apps to make your best adventures even better!


Map My Hike

Know where you’re going and see where you’ve been; whether you want to use one of the 70 million hiking routes or create one of your own, you can do it with this app! Share with other Scout Groups and get those competitive hackles raised – who can hike the furthest?

Free – available on iOS and Android.


Once you and your mates have started working out who can hike the furthest, why not see who can hike the best? Strava can be used by hikers, runners and bikers – you can record your route and speed and Strava will tell you how your performance compares to others’ on the ups and downs of the route. After ten top performances, a trophy will be yours!

Free – available on iOS and Android.


Convert your phone into an easy-to-use portable GPS; download your maps, track your speed and follow your mates. The best bit? It doesn’t require an internet connection, so you can go as far off the beaten track as you’d like without getting lost.

Free – available on iOS and Android.


A basic, common-sense app to have, Flashlight turns your smartphone into a bright white torch to light up the whole tent! If you fancy getting funky you can even customise the colour and theme of your lights (Halloween pumpkins, anyone?)!

Free – available on iOS and Android.

Echo 112

This app was born in Switzerland, but will not only call the emergency services around the world but will generate a link to give them your exact location. It also includes an emergency lock screen facility to which you can add your emergency contact’s details.

Free – available on iOS and Android.

Peak Scanner

Like to spend time in the mountains but can’t work out which peak is which? Download the Peak Scanner app to identify the mountain in question, work out how far away it is and see how high you’ll have to climb to get there, taking technology to new heights.

£2.29 – available on iOS and Android.

Cookout Cookbook

This genius app was designed with the whole Scout Group in mind. If there are some specific favourites on your list it’s easy to plan them in, but if you prefer to live on the edge you can enter likes and dislikes and the number of days away and then sit back while the app generates a meal plan and grocery list.

Free – available on iOS and Android.


Useful on camp and in the back garden, MeteoEarth is a genius weather map generator that will show you what’s coming your way in the next few days. Particularly good for predicting whether the light shower overhead is soon to pass or will turn into days of downpour, this is one indispensable app!

Free – available on iOS and Android.

Sun Seeker

It’s happened to all of us; you turn up at a campsite, pitch your tent, open a lemonade and suddenly the sun disappears behind the clouds, leaving you with chattering teeth! Well not any longer – with Sun Seeker you can use Google Maps to track the sun’s location and a 3D map to show you where the sun is at any given time.

Free – available on iOS and Android.

Do you use any apps that aren’t on our list? Make sure you tell us which ones on our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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