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Rainy Wellies

If April continues to live up to its rainy reputation, then you may be needing a few rainy day activities to get you and your Scouts through the drizzle this month. Fear not, here's a few rainy day activities to keep your young people entertained.

1. Jet off to flying school

Flying School

All you need to do is hang a target for your young people to aim at. They, on the other hand, can have hours of fun crafting different paper aeroplanes, decorating their feats of engineering and recording their scores. Feeling a little bit vertically challenged? Use masking tape on the floor to create an air strip for them to aim at instead.

2. Go camping indoors


The sky (or ceiling) is the limit with this one. For smaller Scouts, a dining room table makes the perfect den, and you can put a long-handled broom at the entrance so that grown-ups can get in and out to deliver snacks! Older Scouts can suspend their ‘camping canvas’ from the ceiling or doors.

3. Get creative and try rain painting

Rain Painting

If you can’t beat the rain, why not let it work for you? Rain painting is a really fun way for your Scouts to get out and about in the rain (and it hopefully means less mess for you too)! Using watercolours, let the children get as creative as they like with colours and patterns. Head outside while the paint is still damp to let the rain join in and watch how their paintings are transformed.

Need some more inspiration for things to do with the children? Check out our Pinterest board for ideas galore!

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