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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside, but after a few hours of snoozing on the sand inevitably some of us are going to get itchy feet (and not just from heat rash). So to keep everyone entertained we've rounded up these great, free seaside activities. 

1.) Sand Painting:

  • collect some dry free-running sand in a container
  • look out for different coloured sand along the beach and collect a range of colours
  • find a large flat area of smooth, damp sand to use as your seaside canvas
  • pour your dry sand into an old sock, a plastic bag or an empty crisp packet with a corner cut off so that the sand can run through
  • use the dry sand as paint by trickling it over your damp, darker coloured seaside canvas to create an image

Sand Drawing

2.) Shadow Pictures:

Water shadows

  • have your camera ready
  • stand at the water's edge
  • use your body, shells and sticks to create an interesting pattern
  • take a photo of your creation and then watch how the movement of the waves brings it to life

Stick shadow monsters

  • have your camera ready
  • collect some sticks and push them into the sand
  • notice the shapes of the shadows they create
  • add some leaves and bits of seaweed to transform them into shadow monsters
  • take a photo of your shadow monster

 Shadow Monster


3.)  Plastic bag kites:

  • fix two skewers or two straws together in a cross
  • cut some of the length off one of the skewers or straws to make one axis longer than the other
  • cut a plastic bag into a diamond shape and tape to the cross
  • make a hole at the bottom of the long axis of the kite and another at the cross
  • loop a piece of string through both holes and tie around the cross structure behind the plastic bag
  • tie a longer piece of string on to that loop and use this to fly your kite


These beach activites were taken from The Beach Book by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks. Published by Frances Lincoln, £9.99. For more information head over to

Thebeachbook Jkt 

For more fun activities you can play at the seaside try playing with the water sponge bombs from our Boredom Busters.

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