Activity | Five-minute fillers week 7

Five Min Filler 7

No matter how prepared you are, when activities finish earlier than anticipated it can leave you wondering what to do with those spare five minutes. If you’re stuck for ideas, have a go of The Melting Marshmallow Game.

The Melting Marshmallow Game:

  • Use chalk or masking tape to mark lines dividing the room into four sections.
  • Split your group into 4 teams.
  • Each team gets a quarter of the room and is allocated 5 points.
  • Throw a soft ball (the melting marshmallow) to one team and tell the teams to pass the ball from one team to the next with the aim of removing the ball from their area as quickly as possible. 
  • They will need to communicate clearly and work as a team to do this well.
  • After a while, tell them that you are going to turn away (so that you cannot see what is happening) and blow your whistle (or shout ‘freeze’ if you have no whistle).
  • Whichever quadrant the ball is in looses a point.
  • Then start again. The team with the most points left at the end wins.

Too easy? To make the game harder tell the groups that they are only allowed two touches of the ball to remove it from their quadrant. For each extra touch they loose a team member.


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