Activity | Five-minute fillers week 6

Five Min Filler W5

No matter how prepared you are, when activities finish earlier than anticipated it can leave you wondering what to do with those spare five minutes. If you’re stuck for ideas, test your Group's quick thinking and spacial awareness with The Sneaky String Game.

The Sneaky String Game

  • Cut up some pieces of string that are around 20-30cm in length. Ensure that you have a piece of string for everybody playing the game.
  • Hand out the pieces of string (one each) and tell everybody to start wandering around the room holding the string at their side with just two fingers.
  • The piece of string must not move from their side (so no flailing arms), they must not hold on to it with more than two fingers, and no running allowed.
  • The aim of the game is to sneak up and pinch other people’s string.
  • If somebody manages to pinch your string you have to let it go and sit at the side.
  • If you manage to pinch someone else’s string, add this piece to your own string and carry on string hunting.
  • The person at the end with all of the string wins.


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