UK Scouting weekend weather report


Happy Easter folks! Wondering whether the weather will be any good the next few days? Make the most of your lovely long bank holiday weekend with this handy UK weather guide for Scouts.


SW Scotland 7°C high 4°C low CLOUDY WITH DRIZZLE

The start of today may be cloudy with rain, but by 3pm the rain should pass and there will be a lighter cloud cover. Why not grab your wellies and go pond dipping.

North West England 10°C high 6°C low RAINY

Rain rain go away, well it will come 4pm but while it's drizzling outside why not make the most of our indoor activity boredom busters to keep everyone entertained. 

North East England 7°C high 5°C low RAINY

Rain and hill snow will become lighter than it has been this week. Still, expect the April showers to last until around 2pm today. If you're stuck inside, have a go at making some paper planes.

Wales 12°C high 7°C low LIGHT RAIN 

Apart from the early morning drizzle and a little shower around 2pm today should actually be pretty dry. At times the clouds may even disperse and you'll see some sunshine (don’t get your shorts on just yet though). Why not plan an epic Easter egg hunt for tomorrow.

South East England 12°C high 7°C low RAINY

Don’t leave without your brolly or a raincoat as today there will be heavy rain to begin and light showers throughout the day. If you don't fancy braving the rain, take a look at these 10 films that capture the outdoor spirit.

South West England 11°C high 7°C low CLOUDY WITH SOME RAIN

Have a lie in this morning as it's a pretty dark and rainy start to the day, but come 9am it looks like a dry day. Get outside and play the confetti egg game.



SW Scotland 13°C high 5°C low CLOUDY WITH SOME SUN

Despite the chance of a bit of rain early in the morning, today should be dry and there may be some sunshine peeping out from behind those clouds. Light westerly winds make today rather nice. Get outside and play shaving cream balloon tag.

North West England 11°C high 7°C low CLOUDY

Get up and out early to make the most of the sunshine at 10am because by 1pm the grey clouds will return, and by 4pm the North West will once again be blanketed by thick cloud. Then you can have a go at cloud spotting.

North East England 11°C high 6°C low CLOUDY

Fingers crossed, today looks like is should be a dry one, though there is chance of the odd shower. If the rain does appear, have a go at the okra printing or crystal growing from our Boredom Busters.

Wales 13°C high 8°C low CLOUDY 

A dry, cloudy day perfect for a game of confetti egg cracking. A light northerly wind means that today should feel quite mild.

South East England 12°C high 7°C low CLOUDY

Today is a cloudy one with a chance of light rain in the evening. Brighten up the day with these seven superb craft ideas.

South West England 12°C high 6°C low CLOUDY

Make the most of today's lack of rain and great visibility by going for a bike ride.



SW Scotland 12°C high 6°C low SUNNY!

Scotland you lucky devils, today should be dry and sunny. Get outside around 1pm and soak up some vitamin D! Then why not have a BBQ and make the banana boats from last week's Boredom Busters.

North West England 11°C high 5°C low THICK CLOUDS

Apart from a drizzle around 10pm today should be a dry one, but thick cloud will still be covering the sky. Get outside for sunset at 19:51 when it should be dry, mild and the visibility should be very good. Why not take some pictures and send them to us on Facebook.

North East England 11°C high 5°C low

Much the same as yesterday, expect a dry day and possibly even some sunny spells. Have a read of these 20 words of wisdom while you're waiting for the sun to appear.

Wales 13°C high 7°C low LIGHT CLOUD 

Similar to yesterday, expect a dry day and even the occasional burst of sunshine. Why not rustle up the campfire nachos from our Boredom Busters.

South East England 13°C high 6°C low CLOUDY but no rain.

There's dry weather and great visibility today, so if you’re on a hike take your camera along and capture that clear view. 

South West England 14°C high 5°C low CLOUDY

Check you out South West England, you're the hottest place to be this weekend. 14°C, a bit of cloud cover and light winds makes today a great day for a BBQ. Why not make these banana boats while you're at it.

For more great things to do this bank holiday weekend take a look at our easy Easter makes and bakes.

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