UK Scouting weekend weather report


Wondering whether the weather will be any good the next few days? Make the most of your lovely long bank holiday weekend with this handy UK weather guide for Scouts.



Today looks like a bit of a grey day across the UK, but that shouldn't stop you adventurous lot. Choose one of these mini adventures and go explore! 

North West England CLOUDY 11C High 7C Low

North East England CLOUDY 8C High 5C Low

Wales RAINY 12C High 11C Low 

South East England CLOUDY 15C High 10C Low 

South West England RAINY 12C High 11C Low

Southern Scotland CLOUDY 8C High 4C Low

Northern Scotland CLOUDY 9C High 4C Low

Northern Ireland RAINY AND WINDY 8C High 7C Low



There's a fair bit of rain and drizzle all over the UK today, so why not have a go at our indoor and craft activities on the lastest Boredom Busters blog.

North West England SUNSHINE AND RAIN 15C High 7C Low

North East England RAINY 14C High 8C Low


South East England SUNSHINE AND RAIN 19C High 9C Low

South West England CLOUDY 16C High 8C Low

Southern Scotland RAINY 8C High 6C Low

Northern Scotland RAINY 7C High 5C Low

Northern Ireland SUNSHINE AND RAIN 13C High 6C Low



There's a fair mixture of sunshine and rain across the UK today so keep and eye out for rainbows! If you're lucky enough to have sunshine, have a go at shaving cream balloon tag, and when the rain arrives pop inside and make some of these cool lava lamps.

North West England RAINY 15C High 8C Low

North East England CLOUDY 14C High 7C Low

Wales RAINY 13C High 10C Low

South East England RAINY 16C High 10C Low

South West England RAINY 13C High 9C Low

Southern Scotland SUNNY 13C High 7C Low

Northern Scotland SUNNY 13C High 6C Low

Northern Ireland SUNNY 13C High 8C Low


For loads of great things to do this bank holiday weekend take a look at these Boredom Busters or these Five-minute fillers.

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