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We all love a good mini egg adorned cornflake cake, but how about using that wooden spoon to mix things up this Easter? Rally the troops to play the confetti egg game, try okra printing, or make your own chocolates using these egg-ceptionally good Easter craft ideas.


Crafty Easter egg challenges

Gather up those empty egg shells and grow your own crystals in them.

Forget egg painting, try ice painting and send us pictures of your beautiful melting ice creations.

Make your own Easter cards using this great okra printing idea. 

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Easter game

Like glitter and smashing piñatas? Play the confetti egg game. Warning: this is a bit of a messy one, so unless you love hoovering maybe save it for outside.

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Food fun

Can’t afford to shell out for fancy designer chocs? Make your own using this egg-cellent brown caster sugar mould.

Not much time to spare? Make your own easter chicks with crème eggs, buttons and icing. Go on, get cracking! 

 Creme Egg Chicks BLOG


Egg hunt ideas

Planning a last minute egg hunt? Check out our seven steps to an epic Easter egg hunt

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That’s all, yolks!


Hungry for more? Take a look at these easy Easter makes and bakes. 

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