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Main Parties Announces Three Days Paid Volunteering Leave

Today David Cameron has announced plans for three days paid volunteer leave for employees. We are delighted that both the Conservatives and Labour, through their kitemark initiative, have now made commitments to address employer supported volunteering.    

At the Scouts, we take pride in the fact that our volunteers give up hours of their time every week to help transform the lives of young people. Volunteering is hugely beneficial to both local communities and the individuals that choose to give up their time. Our young people have benefited greatly from it. In fact, evidence also suggests that employers themselves benefit as a result of the additional skills that employees acquire. 

With over 40,000 young people across the country stuck on a waiting list because of a lack of adult volunteers, we support any measure that would help boost levels of volunteering in the UK.

This is great news for our volunteers; if these plans are to come into effect, it would help them be more flexible with their programming, especially during school breaks. The Scout Association is therefore hugely encouraged by the Prime Minister’s announcement today that pledges every public sector worker and anyone working in a company with at least 250 employees would be entitled to three days volunteering leave a year.

There’s still more work to be done to recognise volunteering in the workplace. That is why we would also like to see the next government establish a Commission on Employer Supported Volunteering to identify what else could increase the quality and frequency of employer supported volunteering and maximise the potential of employers allowing their workforce to volunteer.

We called for this in our Scouting for Skills Demos report, where we also noted such development of staff through volunteering could save employers significant amounts in CPD training. Read more on our Scouting for Skills report.

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