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Whether you’re equipped with a thermos flask and packet of Hobnobs at the library, or sat in your comfy clothes at your desk at home, revising really isn’t the most exciting activity. So here are four simple, free ideas to get you out of that revision slump and revitalised for your next revision stint.

Dance workout

Spending your revision break exercising may not be the most appealing of ideas, but how about just cranking up your fave tune of the moment and dancing around the room for a couple of minutes. It’s a great way to release any stress or tension you've built up and gets those feel-good endorphins pumping around your body.

Message a friend

The idea here is that you don’t check your phone when you’re revising (yes, seriously) and this is your time to catch up on the latest WhatsApps and Snapchats your mates have sent. It’s surprising how much time the odd message here and there can take up. Ignore them for an hour and you’ll not only save a load of time, you’ll also feel mega popular when you check your phone and see multiple messages popping up.

Wash away those worries

Sitting still when revising can make you achy and cold. So if you’re studying at home, jump in the shower to warm up, freshen up and liven up. Top tip: Original Source mint and tea tree shower gel is great for awakening those sleepy limbs.

Let your mind rest and your legs wander

Give your eyes a rest from all that staring at the screen. A short 10 minute walk down the road and back gives your eyes a break, wakes you up and takes your mind off those looming exam dates.

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