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No matter how prepared you are, when activities finish earlier than anticipated it can leave you wondering what to do with those spare five minutes. If you’re stuck for ideas why not have some glow sticks handy so you can try out this handy five minute filler to entertain the troops.


Lord of the Rings

Grab some cheap glow sticks and make them into rings. Find a large room and turn the lights down or off. Place the rings around the room. Divide into two teams with one larger than the other. The smaller team should defend the hoops and the larger team should try to find the hoops.


General rules:

  • you can only carry one ring at a time
  • rings cannot be completely hidden
  • rings must not be thrown
  • when tagged you have to go quietly
  • you need to create a ‘prison’ for those who are caught – who must remain there for two minutes (volunteers to police this)
  • a base is needed for the attackers to use to store the captured rings


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