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Full-time adventurers Tim and Kerry Meek and their daughters, Amy and Ella share their top 10 mini-adventures. A perfect bite-size taste of Scouting for parents!


1. Morning exploring

Make your journey to school more exciting by setting off earlier than usual and finding a different route to school. Try as many different routes as you can. Travel by foot, scooter, bike or even sledge (in the winter) - you'll be surprised how much fun going to school can be!

2. Let your dog take you for a walk

Rather than taking the usual path or circuit, let the dog dictate where you go. Follow it (within reason) and you might end up discovering somewhere new. You'll certainly see your local area differently (from a dog's eye view).

3. Set your friend a treasure hunt

Place some treasure in an appropriate location. Draw a map of the neighbourhood, marking on the treasure. Cut the map up, making it a jigsaw for your friend to piece together. Give to a friend to complete and find the treasure.

4. Public transport trekking

Kids love buses (particularly on the top deck) and trains so rather than use the car try to get your destination using public transport. Challenge the family to use bus/train to make other familiar journeys eg to your gran's, to a friends or to the cinema.

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5. Get up early to hear the dawn chorus

Wake up and head into a wood or park an hour before sunrise. Try to identify any birds that you hear. Try mimicking some familiar bird calls and have a twitter with some local birds.

6. Hill-walking with a twist

Find a small hill. Walk up it at different times of the year or day - in the sun, rain and when it's covered with snow. Find a bigger hill then repeat. And the same again for an even bigger hill: climb; sleep; repeat. Before you know it you'll be ready to climb a mountain.

7. Polar adventurer

Try sub-zero camping…in a tent in your back garden. Wrap up warm and brave the cold temperatures – you'll be amazed at how exciting and adventurous sleeping in your back garden can be. And what's the worse that can happen - you get cold and have to head into the house and your cosy bed!

8. Explore on scooters

Borrow some scooters for the whole family and go on an urban safari, taking in the sights as you scoot over pavements and along cycle paths. Wear a helmet and take care down slopes.

9. Go for a night walk in a familiar area

Put on some head torches and explore. What might be familiar during daylight hours will have a very different feel in the dark. If you are feeling brave, switch your head torch off and walk by moonlight. 

10. Eat as a family

And we mean in the outdoors. Don't go to a pub or restaurant but actually go OUT and cook your own meal. Start simply with packet soup or warm up a tin then eventually cook your own meal on a gas stove, alfresco.


Read more about the Meeks in the latest issue of Scouting magazine and share your own mini-adventures with us:

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