Blog | Ten more useful(ish) things you've learned at Scouts


Things Youve Learnt

Whether practical or abstract, we asked to hear about the pearls of wisdom you’ve gleaned in your time at Scouts! Read on for more…

‘Don’t fall asleep first.’

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‘No matter how many times you walk round the tree, it won’t have electric sockets.’

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‘Never volunteer to try the food on mystery ingredients night.’

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‘How to get Explorers out of their tents in the morning: start taking it down around them.’

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‘Skin is waterproof.’

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'Getting into your sleeping bag is a sign for your bladder to wake up.'

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‘Scout time has nothing to do with real time.’

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‘There is nothing that gaffer tape can’t fix.’

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‘Scouts don’t need to wash as long as they have a can of Lynx.’

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‘Putting washing up liquid on the bottom of a pan before you cook with it in a fire will save a lot of time on the washing up…’

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Any key skills you think aren’t on the list? Head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know!


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