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Explorer Scout, Abi, is all about everyday adventure…


'You’re stuck in 6th Period on a Friday afternoon; your mind drifting to the promise of the weekend and suddenly you realise that the only thing you have to look forward to is a lie-in and a mountain of homework. Perhaps you need a little everyday adventure in your life…'

From the rooftops

'My name is Abi. I’m 16 and in Year 11 at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School. I'd like to pursue a career in automotive design at some point so I am trying to build up my graphics work experience (I designed the image above).

'I’m also an Explorer Scout, and honestly, the things I have done in Scouting have made me want to borrow the Deputy Head’s loud-speaker from school, climb on top of the geography block and tell the entire school about them; about how Scouting changed my life, filling it with adventure and encouraging me to do and be so much more. Unfortunately, I have an inkling that the Headmistress wouldn’t approve of that plan, so I’ll have to settle for this blog instead…'

Scouting for girls

'Some of you reading this may have made the mistake at one time or another of assuming that Scouting is for boys. It’s not, of course. In fact, I know more girls in Scouting than I do boys.

'Although, as a member of the superbly single-sex establishment that is Girls’ High, I can assure you that I appreciate the boys – I appreciate the fact that as Scouting is mixed sex it has taught me something Girls’ High never could, something that could never be learnt in a Physics or English lesson: how to mix with people of the male variety.

'While this has been brilliant for me personally – helping me grow, be more confident and mix with all kinds of people from different backgrounds, Scouts has done a lot more than help me fraternize with boys.'

Sheep, marshmallows and zombies

'In just the past year, as an Explorer Scout, the section of Scouting for people aged 14–18, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime with people who make me laugh until I cry; I have made a five foot tall Lego mini-figure out of chicken wire and lovingly named him Frank; I have stood amongst the velvety night of the countryside and seen the stars glimmer above my head.

'With four other people I have scaled The Wrekin hill enough times in one weekend to reach the highest peak of Everest; I have kayaked along a canal; built a twelve-foot high working trebuchet and I have sat around a campfire at midnight toasting marshmallows on a stick.

'I have raised over £500 in order to go to Malta to meet a Scout Group and build international relations whilst marvelling at the history and geography of Malta, eating fantastic food and above all, being with incredible people.

'I have also learnt how to find my way if I am ever lost in the hills and how to avoid being lost in the first place (the trick is to never follow the sheep!). I have learnt how to light a fire armed with nothing but a piece of metal and a cotton wool ball and how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

'I have developed leadership skills and confidence, which will stick with me for the rest of my life, and I have realised just how much impact someone my age can have on the world. I have used this experience for my DofE and for CVs and I fully intend to use it on any other application forms I may need to fill in in the future.

'In Scouts, I have found a place where I feel wanted and valued.'

It could change your life

'When I was in year seven, I started getting the bus to school with another girl in my year, as we both didn’t really know anyone else. I found out she was in Scouts and she asked me to go along. I’m really glad I sat next to that girl.

'The past few years in Scouts have been brilliant, life-changing and completely unforgettable and I can’t wait for the rest of my Scouting life.

'So to anyone reading this, I urge you, if you want something more in your life than assessments and homework, or if you want to learn new things or have new experiences, or if you simply want to make new friends, then try Scouting. It could change your life…'


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