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In the latest issue of Scouting Magazine, we sat down with Bear himself to talk adventure. After all, we don't know many people who are as well qualified to talk about adventures as our Chief Scout! Here are some of the things we found out... 

Bear gets his thirst for adventure from his dad 

I can say without a doubt that it was my dad who gave me a taste for adventure. I grew up on the Isle of Wight, I grew up on the Isle of Wight and have great memories of learning to climb on the sea cliffs and making rafts with my dad. He was inspirational – always told me not to be afraid and taught me it was okay to take risks. 

Bear's first adventure was a little unorthodox... 

The first adventure I ever had was when I was about 4 or 5, and I slept out under the stars for the first time. I had to sneak out without telling my mum or dad, with only my sleeping bag for warmth – and yes I get in trouble the next day! But for me it was special; there was such a sense of achievement, of doing something new, exciting and life-enhancing.

Friendship comes first

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As well as igniting my adventurous spirit, my dad encouraged me to be a good friend to people. Making friends, keeping friends, having fun with your friends. It’s a message which has stayed with me throughout my childhood into my adult life and career. Scouts provides young people with the chance to make life-long friendships – nothing solidifies a relationship like a heart-pounding moment in the outdoors, trust me!

His kids have got him sussed! 

[Bear's son] Huckleberry was nagging me to go snow-boarding pretty recently, and it’s not one of my favourite activities. As soon as he sensed he was losing the battle, he reminded me how I always tell him how important it is to step out of your comfort zone and sure enough, we went out in the snow that morning…

 Bear believes in young people taking the lead

It makes me particularly excited to see other young people like them taking the lead in the movement at the moment – and to see them doing it so well. Who better to capture the excitement of everyday adventure for the hundreds of thousands of young Scouts out there than the people who’re still getting to experience the thrill of exploring the world themselves? 

Adventure never gets boring... 

Even now, I’m still just as excited and energetic about adventures as I was back then! It doesn’t seem to matter where I am – I experience such a feeling of belonging when I step outside to get my teeth into something new! It’s hard to pin down exactly what that is, but, at the heart of it, the outdoors is free! Your imagination can inspire the greatest adventures... 

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Even a Chief Scout's best laid plans can go awry...

With Bear on the air, as well has having the chance to hear some of your incredible stories and visiting groups in every part of the UK, we’ve also managed to narrowly avoid getting the helicopter stuck in a bog at the bottom of Mount Snowdon! 

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