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This year is our Year of Adventure – an action-packed warm-up to Cubs 100 in 2016 and the Cubs’ birthday celebrations! To help you get all sections adventuring over the coming months, we’ve got some great activity ideas up our sleeves…

The activities for May are all about team building. Get your Scouts working together in an archery competition, building a den, or on a fun finding mission using compasses or GPS. 


Become Robin Hood!

Introduce your Scouts to archery and help them to learn an adventurous new skill

Time: 1.5 hours

What you need:

  • bow and arrows
  • target
  • safety equipment

What to do:

1. Split the Pack into small teams and go through the safety briefing with them. Safety equipment, including wrist straps, should be worn.

2. Place the targets in the shooting area and mark a line for the Cubs to stand behind while firing.

3. Show your Cubs how to use the bow and where to place the arrow.

4. Give each Cub three arrows to fire at the target.

5. Once the arrows have been fired, invite your Cubs to see whether they hit the target and to collect their arrows.

6. Keep scores so that the next time they participate in archery the Cubs can see if they have improved.


Always follow the activity rules set out at and follow the instructions given by the activity leader.


Go geocaching

Take your Cubs on a high-tech treasure hunt. All you need is a handheld GPS device and a free geocache account

Time: 1–2 hours

What you need:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) unit or other GPS device
  • Free geocaching account/app
  • Camera
  • Pencil
  • Trade items

What to do:

This activity requires advance preparation: you’ll need to search for a local park or area that has multiple geocache listings. We’d advise you to use, find the co-ordinates and mark them on the maps. Think about how you’ll supervise and keep the teams in contact. 

1. Divide the Pack into teams.

2. Provide them with the GPS unit and teach them how to use it.

3. The teams will then have to go off and find the hidden treasure by following the GPS device and working as a team to locate the items.

4. As each team finds a geocache they can add a little treasure, such as a woggle or a badge.

5. Once each cache has been found, mark this off on the sheets.



This exciting orienteering activity encourages your Cubs to work in teams to find all the items they need to play a game

Time: 1-2 hours

What you need:

  • Compasses
  • Map
  • Instruction pack
  • Markers (such as flags)
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Game

What to do:

1. Choose a game that has lots of equipment, such as cricket or a board game like Monopoly. Set out markers (we recommend flags) and place a piece of equipment from your chosen game next to each one. Mark the co-ordinates of each marker on a map.

2. Split the Pack into two teams. Each team should have their own separate area (and map).

3. Give each team or individual a compass, some paper, a pen and a map with the locations of all of the markers shown.

4. Brief the Cubs that they have five minutes to plan a route to locate all of the markers, and that after visiting the markers they will have collected all of the items needed to play a game.

5. Can they guess the game? The first team back with all of their equipment wins.


When out and about at night, think about how to monitor and supervise the Cubs. If it’s a small area they could work in pairs or Sixes, if it’s a bigger area then have a leader with each team.

Visit for more activity ideas.

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